The Lux Guardians

The Lux Guardians
Young Adult Science Fiction

An unlikely bunch of rebels from two time periods take a stand against a totalitarian government. If they fail, both their worlds will be destroyed.

The Lux Guardians is a young adult science fiction novel series that will be four books long.

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Two worlds converge in this YA science fiction series. 

Forgotten London: The remnant of a solar disaster, London is a dismal place of soldiers, rationing, and a four-family-per-house regulation. Fatal diseases plague the city. Borders have been erected around London for the people’s protection, but fifteen year old Honour thinks differently. He thinks they’re kept inside the fence because someone is planning to kill everyone inside. 

Victorian London: The Ravel siblings’ world is turned upside down when their genius father is murdered. His dying words are to hide everything he’s ever created, but when an invention goes missing, his children discover his work is linked to the future destruction of the world. But when they’re transported to a derelict, future place, how will they reclaim the stolen device?

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Two worlds converge in this YA science fiction series. 

Honour Frie has escaped Forgotten London, but he’s not safe yet. His sister is mute with grief, what remains of his family is suffering, and when The Guardians lose faith in their purpose, Honour is tasked with restoring it. But inciting the rebellion isn’t something that comes easily to Honour, and with every burden weighing on him, cracks appear in his sanity. 

Branwell Ravel will do anything to reunite with his missing sister, but with no word of her for months he’s lost hope of saving her. Bennet Ravel doesn’t want or need to be saved. She has a purpose. She will avenge her father—she will kill the President of States—no matter the cost. 

Miya and Yosiah have fought everything together—Officials, Strains, starvation, and even their own feelings for each other—but will they stay together when the secrets between them grow too vast to stay hidden? 

With a dangerous journey to Bharat and a plot to overthrow States’s Ordering Body, the second installment of the Lux Guardians series will wrench everyone to their breaking points.

In a new City with enemies hiding in plain sight, Honour and his rebel family build their forces. States is hunting them but that’s the least of their problems—Horatia is harbouring a secret that could kill them all, and Honour is dreaming he’s part of a secret experiment. Or is he remembering?

With Yosiah’s secrets catching up to him—so deadly that he and Miya will be lucky to get out alive—Bennet torn between two times and two loves, and Branwell doubting his place in the future, not everyone may reach the next battle.

The Revelation is the third book in the Lux Guardians series, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller with a historical twist. If you like sinister plots, desperate survival stories, and world-changing revolutions, you’ll love this story of family, friendship, and rebellion!


Companion prequel - does not feature the main characters of The Forgotten

One girl will discover unparalleled power in this tense novella of survival and self-discovery set in the world of The Lux Guardians series.

Carving out a bare existence in Underground London Zone, Melody Fylan is forced to be meek and obedient in order to avoid the Officials’ wrath—but she harbours dangerous secrets. Melody is allied with The Guardians, the covert rebellion working to free all of Forgotten London from its containment. But being a Guardian isn’t her only secret.

Melody is made of more than blood and bones—she holds pure power in her hands. Her ability is a secret the Officials are responsible for both creating and hiding, and they will go to extreme lengths to keep her under their control. But her power will not be leashed. And no matter what they do to her, Melody will endure.

(Under can be read as stand-alone)


Prequel stories

Three romantic dystopian stories.

In a futuristic London, two people are drawn together in a desperate attempt to survive.

An ordinary girl is swept into a world of danger when she catches the attention of the deadliest man in Forgotten London - the military Captain. He says he wants to help her but can she believe him?

When he witnesses an attempted murder, one boy risks his life to save a total stranger.

Love In Forgotten Places is a prequel in the Lux Guardians series but the stories can stand alone.


Coming Soon:

The Riot (2018)
The Union (2019)

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