Saturday, 16 September 2017

#1SENTENCESATURDAY Double Edition - The Divine of Callaire

Every week, I'll be sharing a sentence from a WIP. This week I'm revealing TWO SNIPPETS from the the next LEGEND MIRROR book, The Divine of Callaire, out September 28th!

Come back next week for another snippet!


Friday, 1 September 2017

Announcement: The Divine of Callaire release date!

Hi guys! I'm revealing the release date of the next Legend Mirror book! DIVINE will be out ...

September 28th 2017!

This is Minnie's book, and tells the story of what happened with the Red while Yasmin was off on her quest for Pluto. The cover will be revealed close to the release date, so keep an eye out. You might have noticed the series covers have been updated on Amazon. You can check them out on my website. POWERS will be updated really soon!

Here's the summary of the book:

I’m Minnie, descendant of Apollo, and even my Divine power can’t protect me when Gods attack the human world.

While Yasmin searches for Pluto’s lost power, me and my Legendary family hunt for artefacts rumoured to kill Gods and Creatures. If we find one, it might give us a shot at defending ourselves in the coming war - but powerful enemies stand in our way and they’re determined to make our lives hell. Not to mention my ancestor Apollo has some messed up plans for me of their own.

But the biggest risk in my world isn’t Gods or incarnations. I’m falling for Ran, the phoenix descendant who plagues my visions with blood and arrows, and our love promises to ruin me.

The Divine of Callaire is a companion novel to Yasmin’s story and takes place at the same time as The Powers of Callaire. It’s not recommended that you skip it, but it’s possible to understand books three and five without reading it.